Saturday, October 7th at 9am


Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned shooter, this event is for you! Gather your friends to form a 4 person team, or come on out and we will place you on a team. Help support a cause dear to our hearts Republic, the Pueblo Home of Heroes Association.

Event includes lunch.

Please bring your own ammunition (100 shells). Ammunition is available to purchase on site.

No alcohol allowed at the facility.

Funds raised from this tournament will be used to help underwrite the Pueblo Home of Heroes Scholarship Program, which awards scholarships to top cadets in each of the Pueblo high schools that have JROTC programs.


Sporting Clays: $100 entry (must provide your own shells). This is the main event of the day and is often called “golf with a shotgun”. Each person will shoot 100 shots at clay pigeons from 12 different stations, each station has two machines that throw the clays.

Three Minute Flurry: $35 entry (shells included). This event is four minutes of shooting and reloading at clay pigeons flying from all different positions. The shooter will try to hit as many clays in four minutes as possible with a score keeper standing behind them keeping score.

10- Shot Pistol Competition: $10 entry (must provide your own ammunition). This event is a hit/miss competition shooting at steel targets. The shooter will shoot 10 rounds of ammunition at 10 different steel targets. Each target is worth one point and if there are ties on the number of hits the tie will be broken by time.

Safety Video & Waiver

To expedite the check in process please watch the safety video and sign the waiver prior to the event. The directions are easy and the waiver is good for 7 years.

Contacts for Questions about this Event

  • Frank Spinuzzi | 719-369-8855
  • Don Gray, Board Member | 719-584-2961