Long Range Rifle Competition Rules:

$15 entry fee per event

Any caliber rifle is eligible – no steel core ammo (you damage the steel and you will be charged to replace it).

One confirmation shot at 300 yards. 8′ steel spotter allowed

Shots for score, no spotter allowed for first 7 shots.

May ask for spotter after 4 shots. You will acquire no points for that distance with a spotter, but will be allowed to move to the next distance.

9 shots per distance. Only one hit allowed per target distance.

20 minute time limit after warm up shot

No re-shoots.

Winner will be decided by “high score”

Points are awarded based on how many shots it takes to hit a plate.

300 yards (6″ hanging steel)

392 yards (10″steel)

620 yards (10″steel)

800 yards (16″ steel)

100 yards (16″ steel)