Our SUMMER LONG RANGE LEAGUE has ended and now it’s time to start the FALL/WINTER LONG RANGE COMPETITIONS.

Congrats to Bob Turano for winning the League.
He was able to hit 1000 yards in 5 shots (starting at 600).
All four finalists were able to hit 1000 yards and had a great time.

1st place – Bob Turano
2nd place – Chris Skarmus
3rd place – Tim McMath
4th place – Lexi Swearingen

(Bob Turano)

Our Fall/Winter Long Range League starts October 1st.
You have until November 7th to enter by posting a score and paying.

There will be a Long Range Rifle League, Long Range Carbine League and Long Range Pistol League.

***See bottom of this post for rules for all leagues***



Fall/Winger Republic Long Range League

Rules and Details (Click here)